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index_map The purpose of this web site is to provide quick access to selected trail information for the serous hiker for selected trails in the Alpine Great Lakes. This information can be accessed in two ways. The first way is designed to allow you to access the trail descriptions by geographic location by just mouse clicking over the appropriate square in the map. Alternatively you can click on the corresponding row (i.e. trail names for each map id are found in the table) in the associated table. This table is designed to provide a physical context for each trial by giving a short summary of trail statistics.

French Cabin Creek--1305 Domerie Peak--1308 Little Kachess--1312 Kachess Ridge--1315 Knox Creek--1315.1 Thorp Creek--1316 Red Mountain--1330
ID name miles effort
Horses Bicycles Motor
01 French Cabin Creek --1305 1.3 2.5 YES NO NO 3881 4899 Extracted
02 Domerie Peak --1308 10.1 16.5 YES YES YES 2550 5460 Extracted
03 Littel Kachess --1312 4.9 6.8 YES YES NO 2261 2515 Extracted
04 Kachess Ridge --1315 12.8 20.8 YES YES NO 2385 5775 Extracted
05 Knox Creek --1315.1 1.2 2.7 YES NO NO 4152 5290 Annotated
06 Thorp Creek --1316 2.7 4.6 YES NO NO 2605 5131 Annotated
07 Red Mountain --1330 6.1 11.9 YES NO NO 2800 5650 Extracted
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